Shenzhou hongtong machinery accessories Ltd is a integrated company with multiple areas of products. Our company primarily specialized in developing and producing a variety of general machinery parts, rubber parts, plastic parts, hardware stamping parts. Simply, you can understand us from the following aspects: 1) our main products: Inboard and outboard flexible impellers for YAMAHA, Honda, Chrysler, JOHNSON /EVINRUDE MERCURY, SUZUKI, TOHATSU, Rubber oil seal, Rubber sealing, Fabric Reinforced rubber seal Rubber waterstop strips, rubber board, rubber gasket. Machine tool accessories, handle, knobs and various plastic parts Customized rubber parts Customized plastic parts 2) Our technological power: We have senior engineers who have more than twenty years experience of design molds and design produce lines. We have been working with the scientific research institutions of the university to develop materials, recipes, and to test the quality of our products. Ordinary staff members are trained. 3) Our machines and equipments: Our machines and equipments are special for different products, Our equipments have been upgraded and specialy modified on a general-purpose machine according to special use. 4) The above is our guarantee of product quality of solid material foundation, coupled with our customer first service concept, believe us, you will get super value service, not the same surprise. Life is colorful, life is not only struggling, as well as poetry and distance, work and business is a bridge and us, friendship across thousands of miles will warm our heart. Friendly Link: